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Below are some of the many great features of Raw Data Printer.  
red_bullet Enables you to send raw data to your printers from within your application using just a single line of code!  
red_bullet Enables you to send native printer commands to any printer (e.g. ESC codes), so you can control everything from within your code (e.g. font face, size, paper orientation, print quality, paper cutter, etc.) and whatever commands supported by your printer!  
red_bullet Enables you to send raw data (as string) from within your code or specifying a file that contains the data, or even both at the same time! Thus, when printing a check or a ticket, for example, you can supply the customer data from within your code, while the remaining data to be printed are retrieved from a text file!  
red_bullet No need to have any printer drivers installed on your system (Raw Data Printer bypasses any printer driver when sending data to the printer)  
red_bullet Compatible with all printers including label printers, ticket printers, RFID printers, barcode printers and cash registers  
red_bullet Supports continuous paper and cut sheet paper  
red_bullet Works with both local printers and network printers  
red_bullet Works with printers connected to any computer port (COM, USB, Parallel, Firewire, etc.)  
red_bullet Enables you to print your data line-by-line and see the printer printing each line instantly once it is sent, without ejecting the page from the printer (if you need to continue printing on the same page or using continuous paper)  
red_bullet Can print to any printer installed on the system, even if it is not the default system printer (you just specify the printer name when sending your data and it will go to that printer)!  
red_bullet Makes use of the Windows Printer Spooler so you can watch the status of all the documents currently waiting in the printer queue  
red_bullet Notifies you when the printing starts and when it completes by triggering special events  
red_bullet Notifies you which file is currently being printed, through a special event argument  
red_bullet Notifies you when an error occurs while sending data to the printer, through a special event  
red_bullet Enables you to cancel the printing once it starts, through a special event argument  
red_bullet Can be used in any programming language that support ActiveX components (COM objects) such as VB (Visual Basic), VBA, VB.NET, C#.NET, VC++.NET, ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET, HTML, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), VC++, Delphi, etc.