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New3 ActiveResize Control Features

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red VBGold ActiveResize control is the fastest VB form resizer control on the planet!. Its code is perfectly optimized to achieve the highest performance possible. This means that the user of your application will never see the controls changing their sizes and positions when he/she resizes the form.


red  Great processing speed even on very slow computers! ActiveResize was tested on ancient machines and has displayed an equally great performance!


red 100% flicker-free resizing / repositioning process (unlike most other resizer controls).


red  Makes your applications completely resolution-independent. They will look exactly the same on all screen resolutions.


red  Automatically resizes and repositions all form controls when forms load or resized without the need to write any code. The control automatically detects the Load and Resize events of its parent form and resizes / repositions the controls.


red Precisely Resizes and repositions the controls with exact proportions to the changes in the form size. Your forms will look exactly the same when they are resized.


red  Allows you to specify whether the font size of control captions, control text and grid cells text of the controls should be resized when the controls are resized.


red  Allows you to exclude any control(s) from being resized, repositioned or its font get resized. This gives you full control over the entire resize process.


red  Allows you to save the current status of the form (its position and size/position of all controls) and restore the form status at any later time with only one line of code.


red  Can handle every new control created on the form at run-time.


red  Can handle any type of controls on the form, even graphics controls such as Image and Picture controls, Chart controls as well as Line and Shape controls.


red  Can handle controls nested within other (container) controls.


red  Can handle complex controls like the Tabbed Dialog Control (SSTab control) and all controls on it.


red  Can handle all data grid controls like the DataGrid, DBGrid, MSFlexGrid, MSHFlesGrid. All columns in these controls are resized proportionally to the new size of the control.


red  Handles Sheridan controls and grids like the SSDBGrid, SSOleDBGrid, SSDBCombo, etc. (New in version 3.x).


red  Supports the MS Toolbar control (New in version 3.x).


red  Supports the MS Calendar control (New in version 3.x).


red  Supports the MS StatusBar control (New in version 3.x).


red  Supports the MS ListView control (New in version 3.x).


red  Resizes the image contents of Picture Box controls (New in version 3.x).


red  Resizes the form background picture (New in version 3.x). The background picture is resized to cover the entire area of the form even if the picture is smaller or larger than the form size. The resizing process is 100% filcker-free and maintains the high quality of the original picture.


red  Enables you to specify a minimum and maximum size for your forms. At run-time, the form can not be resized smaller or larger than the specified minimum / maximum size. This ensures that all controls on the form will be appropriately visible.


red  Enables you to prevent the from from being minimized and / or maximized.


red  Works with SDI, MDI child, and MDI parent forms.


red  Ready to be used in your existing applications without the need to write or modify any code.


red  Works with all versions of Visual Basic (5.0 and 6.0).


red  Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit of all Windows versions.




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