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New3 VBGold ActiveResize Control V.3.3

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The Award-Winning, Fastest VB Form Resizer Control On The Planet!

Offered at half the price of other VB form resizer controls, but with a lot more features and support for an enormous number of controls, grids and third-party controls and grids!


VBGold ActiveResize control makes your Visual Basic applications completely resolution-independent without the need to write any code! Design your applications at any screen resolution and have them run and look exactly the same at any screen resolution. This gives your applications an equally professional look and feel on all systems, resulting in increased sales of your software.


VBGold ActiveResize control automatically resizes and repositions all controls on a Visual Basic form when the form is resized either by the user or from within code. The control automatically detects the resize event of its parent form and performs a very accurate proportional resizing / repositioning on all form controls without requiring you to write a single line of code!


ActiveResize control handles virtually any type of controls. It also handles complex controls like the SSTab Tabbed Dialog control, all types of Microsoft DB Grids and Data Grids, as well as both MSFlexGrid and MSHFlexGrid. The new version (3.x) also supports all Sheridan (Infragistics) controls & Grids (SSDBGrid, SSOleDBGrid, SSDBCombo etc.), the MS Toolbar control, the MS Calendar control, the MS ListView control and the MS StatusBar control. In addition, it supports the Janus GridEx grid control, the ESRI MapObjects control (GIS control) and the 3D Active Button Magic controls. Moreover, it automatically resizes the form background picture as well as the image contents of the VB Picture Box controls.


ActiveResize control can handle any and every screen resolution at both design-time and at run-time  (on both development machine and on the user machine).


ActiveResize control was perfectly optimized for maximum processing speed, resulting in a perfect, 100% flicker-free ultra-fast resizing / repositioning process that is completely invisible to the user.


ActiveResize control is available in three editions: Professional, Standard and Lite (Compare features).



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