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Resolution Property

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Returns the current screen resolution (in pixels) for the most common screen resolutions. Read only at both design-time and run-time.







Where object evaluates to an ActiveResize control.






The Resolution property returns an enumerated resolution value as described below:



Constant                        Value                Description

ScrRes_640x480                0                Screen resolution is 640x480 pixels

ScrRes_720x1280                1                Screen resolution is 720x1280 pixels

ScrRes_768x1024                2                Screen resolution is 768x1024 pixels

ScrRes_768x1280                3                Screen resolution is 768x1280 pixels

ScrRes_800x600                4                Screen resolution is 800x600 pixels

ScrRes_864x1152                5                Screen resolution is 864x1152 pixels

ScrRes_900x1600                6                Screen resolution is 900x1600 pixels

ScrRes_960x1280                7                Screen resolution is 960x1280 pixels

ScrRes_1024x768                8                Screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels

ScrRes_1024x1280        9                Screen resolution is 1024x1280 pixels

ScrRes_1050x1400        10                Screen resolution is 1050x1400 pixels

ScrRes_1080x1920        11                Screen resolution is 1080x1920 pixels

ScrRes_1152x864                12                Screen resolution is 1152x864 pixels

ScrRes_1200x1600        13                Screen resolution is 1200x1600 pixels

ScrRes_1200x1920        14                Screen resolution is 1200x1920 pixels

ScrRes_1280x720                15                Screen resolution is 1280x720 pixels

ScrRes_1280x768                16                Screen resolution is 1280x768 pixels

ScrRes_1280x960                17                Screen resolution is 1280x960 pixels

ScrRes_1280x1024        18                Screen resolution is 1280x1024 pixels

ScrRes_1392x1856        19                Screen resolution is 1392x1856 pixels

ScrRes_1400x1050        20                Screen resolution is 1400x1050 pixels

ScrRes_1440x1920        21                Screen resolution is 1440x1920 pixels

ScrRes_1536x2048        22                Screen resolution is 1536x2048 pixels

ScrRes_1600x900                23                Screen resolution is 1600x900 pixels

ScrRes_1600x1200        24                Screen resolution is 1600x1200 pixels

ScrRes_1856x1392        25                Screen resolution is 1856x1392 pixels

ScrRes_1920x1080        26                Screen resolution is 1920x1080 pixels

ScrRes_1920x1200        27                Screen resolution is 1920x1200 pixels

ScrRes_1920x1440        28                Screen resolution is 1920x1440 pixels

ScrRes_2048x1536        29                Screen resolution is 2048x1536 pixels

ScrRes_Custom                99                Screen resolution is custom



Note: When screen resolution value is 99 (Res_Custom), you can determine the screen width and height from the ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight properties.


This property does not mean that ActiveResize control will function only with these screen resolutions. ActiveResize control will function on any screen resolution at both design-time and at run-time and will resize your application precisely on any and every screen resolution.


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