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RestoreForm Method

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Restores a saved state of the form and all its controls.





object.RestoreForm(FormObject, [RestoreFromPersistent], [StrApplicationName])


Where object evaluates to an ActiveResize control.



The RestoreForm method takes the following arguments:



FormObjectSpecifies the object (form object) for which the state is to be restored.
RestoreFromPersistentOptional. Boolean expression specifying whether the form state (size and position) is to be restored from a persistently saved state or a temporary saved state. Default value is False.
StrApplicationNameOptional. String expression Specifying the name of the application where ActiveResize is used.




The RestoreForm method should be called only if the form status was previously saved using the SaveForm method. If you specify a value for the RestoreFromPersistent argument, you must also specify the StrApplicationName.


The RestoreForm method can restore the form size and position from a previously saved state. The state might have been saved persistently or inpersistently, depending on the argument values specified when the SaveForm method was called.


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