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ASP Printer COM Features

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Below are some of the many great features of ASP Printer.


red_bullet  Prints almost anything from ASP pages and HTML pages, including any text, images, graphics and colors


red_bullet  Automates printing tasks on web servers or similar systems by sending the documents directly to the printer or the print spooler without any user intervention (without showing any print dialogs)


red_bullet  Prints your documents with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), using the specified document layout and formatting such as font settings, margin settings, image locations, etc.


red_bullet  Prints many file types including HTML files, RTF files, PDF files and Text files


red_bullet  Prints data supplied from within your code, such as text data, RTF data, images, contents of HTML <INPUT> tags or any other HTML tags, etc.


red_bullet  Prints the output of live web addresses (e.g. by just specifying the address (url) of the web site or web page


red_bullet  Prints HTML documents as they appear in a web browser by just supplying the source code of the document (HTML page source)


red_bullet  Prints your files by just using a single line of code (by calling any of the object methods: PrintHTMLFile, PrintRTFFile, PrintTextFile, PrintPDFFile, etc.), or by using the FileName property of the object and calling the PrintDoc method


red_bullet  Prints text documents with title, body, header and footer, by retrieving some or all document data from a text file and / or from your code


red_bullet  Enables you to specify different font settings (font name, size, effects like bold, italics, underline, etc.) for each part of the document title, body, header and footer separately


red_bullet  Enables you to specify each of the document margins separately (top, bottom, left, and right margin)


red_bullet  Enables you to query all physical and logical printers installed on the system (on the server or on the client machine), as well as any network printers


red_bullet  Enables you to select a specific printer device to print to, if there are more than one printer installed on the system


red_bullet  Enables you to select the paper bin (from among 12 standard printer paper bin types)


red_bullet  Enables you to select the paper size (from among 41 standard paper sizes)


red_bullet  Enables you to select the paper orientation (portrait or landscape)


red_bullet  Enables you to select the print quality (draft, low, medium, or high)


red_bullet  Enables you to specify the line spacing (single, 1.5 lines or double spacing)


red_bullet  Enables you to specify the number of copies to print


red_bullet  Enables you to specify whether to print page numbers, print a border around the document with a specified line width, include the current (system) date and time in the document footer, print a separating line below header and above footer with a specified line width, etc.


red_bullet  Notifies you about the printing progress (which page is currently being printed)


red_bullet  Notifies you when an error occurs while sending the document to the printer and when the printing is completed


red_bullet  Can be used in any programming language such as ASP, HTML, Visual Basic, VBA, VB.NET, C#.NET, VC++.NET, MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.), VC++, Delphi and in any other programming languages that support ActiveX components (COM)


red_bullet  Work on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.