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ASP Printer has the following properties:


red_bullet AllDataFromFile *

red_bullet LineAboveFooter *

red_bullet BorderLineWidth *

red_bullet LineBelowHeader *

red_bullet Copies

red_bullet LineSpacing *

red_bullet DocFooter *

red_bullet MarginBottom

red_bullet DocFooterFont *

red_bullet MarginLeft

red_bullet DocHeader *

red_bullet MarginRight

red_bullet DocHeaderFont *

red_bullet MarginTop

red_bullet DocText *

red_bullet PaperBin

red_bullet DocTextFont *

red_bullet PaperOrientation

red_bullet DocTitle *

red_bullet PaperSize *

red_bullet DocTitleFont *

red_bullet PrintBorder *

red_bullet FileName

red_bullet PrintPageNumber *

red_bullet IncludeDateTime *

red_bullet PrintQuality




ASP Printer provides several easy-to-use methods that enable you to specify many of the print settings in the method arguments and print your documents immediately using just a single line of code. By using these methods, you no more need to use any of the above properties.


Also, please note that none of the above properties are applicable when printing HTML files or PDF files (except the FileName property that is required only when using the PrintDoc method).


* These properties apply only when printing a text document (text data). Properties not marked with (*) are applicable when printing RTf files or RTF data only (see also the PrintRTFData and PrintRTFFile methods).